International Symposium on Multilingualism in Cyberspace

These Symposia bring together experts working in the field of languages and computer sciences. To date, three such events have taken place:

The first two editions of SIMC (Barcelona, 2009; Brasilia, 2011) had provided a space for joint discussions among specialists in order to identify the key points for debating multilingualism in cyberspace, to review the state of the art in this area, to create synergies, and to allow the progress of the discussions being held in emerging fields.

These first two meetings have brought together some of the partners of the recently formed consortium Dilinet, intended to lead an ambitious European project with a global perspective where the creation of indicators on linguistic diversity is the central core. They also pinpointed the issues that has been developed in Net.lang, the book already mentioned at the beginning of this document, and fed the agenda of the World Summit on Multilingualism that Maaya is currently proposing to UNESCO.