International Year of Languages 2008

visuel-orange + NBMaaya network organizes a set of initiatives in 2008 within the framework of the activities of the International Year of the Languages and the European Year of the Intercultural Dialogue. Developed under the general set of themes “Languages and Intercultural Dialogue in a Globalized Universe”, such initiatives have the following goals:

  • To show the importance of the languages of the world and the intercultural dialogue
  • To create a repertory of projects to be carried out in the field of linguistic diversity in order to locate the existing gaps
  • To put in contact the linguists and the engineers working in the field of the ICTs
  • To reinforce Maaya Network visibility

Several decentralized actions have taken place in many parts of the world as follows:

  • Asia: workshops about the eletronic linguistic resources (China and Japan); participation in the Internet Governance Forum (India)
  • Europe: congress on linguistic diversity in the cyberspace in the context of the intercultural dialogue (Spain) ; meeting on the future of a multilingual planet (Wales – Sierra Leone)
  • Latin America and Caribbean: congress on specialized translation (Cuba)
  • Africa: meeting about languages and cultures, society changes and language diversity and the word for human dignity (Mali)