Barcelone, July 2007

Working Session. Some Maaya members met in Barcelone,2,July, 2007,to start the arrangements to a major event that will take part in 2008 called « International Year of Languages», in which the main issue will be Languages and the Intercultural Dialogue in the Universe of Globalization and it will be consisted of different manifestations in world scale (one or more countries per continent).

Geneve, May, 2007

Working Session. Some Maaya EC members joined the second meeting about C8 – Action Plan of the World Summit of Information Society (SMSI) , Cultural Identity and Diversity and Linguistic Diversity, that took place in Geneve, May 24, 2007. In this session, Daniel Prado and Viola Krebs, Maaya CE Members, were nominated internal moderators of the sub-theme “Linguistic Diversity”.

The moderators of all sub-themes of this session will be confirmed on September, 10, 2007.In this meeting, Maaya EC members discussed the following points:

  1. Maaya logo
  2. The meeting that will take place in Barcelone, Spain, at the beginning of July, 2008
  3. Maaya website release
  4. Secretariat work

Barcelone, February, 2007

Executive Comittee Meeting. The first Maaya EC meeting took place in Barcelone (Spain) on February, 20.
The following topics were discussed:
  • Institutional Anchorage
  • The name Maaya became official, substituting the name Redili
  • Local office: ICVolontaires, Geneve
  • The Executive Committee is as follow :
    • African Academy of Languages
    • Funredes
    • Global Knowledge Partnership
    • ICVolontaires
    • Language Observatory
    • Linguamón – House of Languages
    • Linguasphere Obsevatory
    • SIL International
    • Latin Union
    • ICVolontaires
    • Linguamón – House of Languages
  • Maaya Statute
  • Maaya Action Plan should include:
  1. A list of the member´s activities
  2. A list of projects including :
    Translation of the Children´s Rights Convention into 300 or 400 languages
    Organization of a major event in Barcelone, 2008, as part of the activities of the “International Year of Languages” and the “European Year of Intercultural Dialogue”, separated actions in different parts of the world in order to provide a regional dimension.

Geneve, May, 2006

Working Session. As part of the activities occured in the World Summit UIT/UNESCO about the promotion of the Internet Multilingue, as well as the first meeting about the C8 action plan of the World Summit of Information Society (SMIS) “Cultural Diversity and Identities, Linguistic Diversity and Local Content” that took place in Geneve from May 9 to 12, 2006,some Maaya members had a meeting in Geneve on May,10,2006, to form two working groups :a group to define Maaya Action Plan and the other group to prepare Maaya Statute.

Paris, February, 2006

Creation of Maaya Network.As part of the activities happened to celebrate the International Day of Mother Tongue, many international organizations and institutes met in Paris, from February 22 to 23, 2006, at Unesco, to create and officially present the world network in favour of Linguistic Diversity – MAAYA.

Tunisia, November, 2005

Preliminary Meeting. Meeting of the second phase of the World Summit about the Information Society (SMIS), held in Tunisia, from 16 to 18, November, 2005, about the creation of a network of organizations all over the world to protect the multilinguism in cyberspace. Many representants of different institutions, including, among others, Unesco, Intergovernamental Agency of Francophone, UIT ( Internacional Union of Telecomunication) and Funredes.